I want to heal

to feel the things I feel

so I can step back into the real world

without fears

of what was

and what ifs

it's therapy that lifts me to a place

a space

a state of mind

where I am ready, open, and able to find

the sign that things will be good again

it doesn't matter where I've been

it's where I'm going

and that's all part of showing up

showing up for myself

my mental health

fixing the broken parts I set upon a shelf

then never returned to

proper treatment is the glue

that puts me back together

and I am forever grateful for the people

who believed I could be whole before I believed it myself

as a team

we took those broken pieces off the shelf

gave them love and attention

made them strong

ditched the thoughts that tell me

everything is either right or wrong


we focused on what it means to feel

I go to therapy because

I want to heal



holds hands with loss

and yet

for some reason

we return to love

we reach for it

time and time again

we sign the contract

take the oath

whisper those three words to strangers

we lean in

while knowing fully that loving someone

puts the heart in a precarious position

life is temporary

loss is inevitable

what makes us whole

can break us into a million pieces

but we know that from the start

we see it

we dread it

we accept it

then choose to love anyway


we are like flowers

growing until we die

each beautiful hello

knows a heartbreaking goodbye

this world holds many lies

but one thing is always true

the only life worth living

is one dying next to you