Your battery runs low

But the schedule says go

And so, you push it past the limit

Putting on an endless show

Until you find

You've lost the thrill

The skill you thought nothing could kill

And it's not dead

It's still alive

But you've forgotten how to thrive

You move from one thing to the next

Rarely pausing just to rest

And when you do

Your mind's not there

It's in the future

Everywhere except the present

The place you're meant to be

You're drowning in a sea

A sea of expectation and swelling anxiety

For too long

You've lived on stress

And this need to go, go, go

There's an irrational fear

That if you stop

Failure will grow

But I promise

It's okay

To ditch the checklist for a day

Feel the world around you

Let your worries fade away

Task completion is important

But it's not what life's about

Progress won't bring joy

If your battery's run out


“Stay positive”, they say

As the sky is turning gray

“Can’t get any worse

Just take it day by day”

But then I walk away and look around

And see this gloom and doom

That’s pressing down

While life is zooming by

So fast, it makes me want to cry

Tears from isolation

Out of sadness for our nation

For each person

Facing illness

Facing danger

And oppression

This depression cuts deep into my heart

Because lately

We only tear further apart

It’s getting bleak and I

Well, I’ve run out of words to speak

All I hear are people shouting through the TV



“Don’t believe them! Believe me!

Want answers to your greatest fears?

Those I’ve got”

. . . not

“Stay positive”, they say

As the sky is turning gray

I’ve tried

And tried again

But the world just looks away

And perhaps I’m too dramatic

But I feel the urge to panic

Every time I check the news

To see the f***ed up thing

That’s strewn across the president’s twitter feed

As he waters the seeds

Of hate

Buried within far more people than I thought

So do you see why I’m distraught?

I feel disappointed

Tired and disjointed

But even so

I know

Nothing changes unless we fight

And we have to fight

Go and vote like we could lose our rights

Because we can

These are tough times

And I won’t tell you

To stay positive through it all


We do need to stay strong

Help each other heal

And fight against what’s wrong

We can’t just stand by

Without batting an eye

And watch another two-hundred thousand people die

Then sigh and say

“It is what it is”


Be here in the now

And let yourself feel

Only the present

Contains what is real