It feels like

someone's broken into your house

and you're trying so hard

to be silent

so the stranger won't hear you

and find you

and hurt you

You're scared

and you're trying so hard

to be careful

trying so hard

not to kick, knock, or touch


that could make a sound

the ground

could hold land mines

Your eyes

scan the room

and you think the coast is clear

until your hand brushes against


Something that the stranger hears

You start to run

and you don't see anyone chasing you

so maybe you're okay

but maybe that's not true

Maybe the stranger's right around the corner

waiting to say "boo"


As summer turns to fall

It gets colder

When the world settles down

I'll be older

Or maybe

Chaos only grows?

I guess

No one really knows

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People put on faces

Fasten laces 'round their mind

Pull tightly on the strings

'Til truthful things are hard to find