Get To Know Me

I am hard to get to know

And I know this all too well

I can’t say how many times

I’ve retreated in my shell

Like a dance, someone steps close

At the same time I step back

Because I’m never quite sure

What will cause my heart to crack

So I’ve stayed far and afloat

On my solo cloud for years

Avoiding situations

That could manifest my fears

But it gets real lonely here

As I’ve learned time after time

And the trek back to my cloud

Grows more difficult to climb

So perhaps this is my sign

Now’s when I must take a chance

Let my naked soul be seen

And step into a new dance


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She's a dancer at home in the mirror She's a singer in the shower each day Surrounded by a room full of paintings And the dreams she's been molding just like clay She's a writer in journals she carrie