Beware the

Dark thoughts you feed

Or else they

Will consume you

Twist around

And take you down

To where light

Cannot break through

Too much time

Spent in your mind

Makes it hard

To truly be

So let go

Breathe in and flow

Balance your



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'Too Much'

Stop trying To please people Who say that you're 'too much' You're never 'too much' You're just right If they can't handle your fire They don't deserve your light


Your eyes Live within my mind And so I go to sleep Knowing dreams will let me find Those gems that shine like honey When the sun says hello And so I go to sleep Knowing dreams reveal their glow


We're shutting down Tuning out from town to town Trying to drown the sound Of truth that hits Like paper cuts, their little slits Stinging with lemon so sour The sugar never gets To touch our lips Rar