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A Dormant Volcano

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

a dormant volcano

looks peaceful and enticing

its destructive power


or never even known

by those who greet the sleeping beast

the pain it may have caused

remains in the past

with the souls it consumed

. . . or attempted to consume

surely some escaped its grasp

and vowed never to return

for they learned the truth

hidden just beneath the surface

a dormant volcano

is strong and elegant

its charm lives in the mystery

a mystery too far away to hold any real power

its outbursts are just a story now

a riveting tale

told to describe what it may have done

not what it could do

a dormant volcano feels distant

so people move closer

and closer

and closer

old worries fade

guards come down

in a state of slumber

it gives the illusion of safety

the quiet is comforting



it's what you think it is until it's not

people forget

a dormant volcano can erupt


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