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We're shutting down

Tuning out from town to town

Trying to drown the sound

Of truth that hits

Like paper cuts, their little slits

Stinging with lemon so sour

The sugar never gets

To touch our lips

Rarely satisfied

Filled to the brim

Saturated and deep fried

Yet I still hear

People sobbing those hungry cries

It's never enough

We're rough and tough

Not feeling

Fight the urge

To go layer peeling

Stray too far from the box

And they will prey upon you

I mean

Pray for you

Those words feel the same to me these days

We're shutting down

Tuning out from town to town

Trying to drown the sound

Of hating love

Of loving hate

Wondering if we'll ever reach a state

Where love conquers all

Because as of now

I'm feeling very small

Like an alien

Learning how to live in a world

That condemns being alive

The truth is

I don't want to just survive

Thriving is the only path that feels good

Yet somehow this gets misunderstood

I want to taste

The sweetness and the sour

Fall into a dream that exists

Beyond the night-time hours

I want to tune in

Skin to skin

Feel the love of someone else

And learn of all the places they have been

No more shutting down

No more drowning out the sound

Let them prey upon me

Pray for me

Call me all the names

Crazy, sinner, strange

I don't care

Time for change


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