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Loran Schultz

PAINTINGS: One of the reasons I paint is to free my mind. Painting allows me to leave behind a gray day and step into a warm world of color no matter the season. In the middle of a Wisconsin winter, a garden in bloom can come alive within the walls of my studio. 


What I create depends on my mood and the subject matter that has captured my attention. The fluidity of paint, and the textures it makes on the canvas, often leads me to paint natural scenes that carry the same feeling. This is true for my figurative art as well. My work that features geometric, abstract shapes may look quite different from my more painterly pieces, but the patterns and colors maintain that spirit of fluidity and liveliness that I love so much. 


My hope is that the energy of each painting transfers to, and is enjoyed by, those who view it. 


Gallery representation: Paoli Road Mercantile 

  • 6904 Paoli Rd, Paoli, WI 53508

  • 608-845-2311

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